Asset Management & Direct Investment Business

      SPDB International Investment Management Limited (“SPDBIIM“ or the “Company”) is licensed to conduct type 4 and 9 regulated activities by the Securities & Futures Commission (“SFC”) in Hong Kong. As the investment arm of SPDBI, the Company leverages the extensive branch network of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co. Ltd (“SPD Bank”) and focuses on providing cross-border asset management and direct investment solutions for institutional and high net-worth clients.
      Higher Quality
      Deal Sourcing:
      1. Cross-border privatization and M&A financing
      2. Seeking Consortium leading or co-investment role
      More Prudence
      Post-Investment Management
      1. Monitor money accounts
      2. Operations through local bank branches
      Better Flexibility
      Deal Exit:
      1. IPO exit, trade sale to SPD bank’s clients (investment funds or corporates)
      2. Synergies with headquarters’ fund raising advisory business

      Traditional Investments

      • Focuses on USD bond, Euro bond, dims sum bond
      • Issuers with existing relationships with SPD Bank is preferred
      • Focuses on high quality Chinese companies listed in the offshore stock markets
      • Active management with stringent risk control and stop loss mechanism
      Mezzanine Financing
      • Focuses on investment opportunities with growth potential as well as downside protection

      Alternative Investments

      Private Equity (USD)
      • Leverage branch network to source attractive privatization opportunities
      • Co-invest with listed companies in M&A opportunities
      Private Equity (RMB)
      • Leverage branch network to source attractive Pre-IPO investments opportunities
      • Setup M&A fund
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